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Latest collection of Xi"s thoughts comes out in Chinese and English

The second volume of the book Xi Jinping: The Governance of China has been published in both Chinese and English language editions.

The new publication brings together 99 of Xi"s speeches, conversations, instructions and letters between Aug 18, 2014, and Sept 29 of this year, Xinhua News Agency said on Tuesday.

The first volume, published in September 2014, has had a total circulation of 6.5 million copies in 23 languages in more than 160 countries and regions as of September, according to the Beijing-based Foreign Languages Press, the book"s publisher.

Since the publication of the first volume, Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, has put forward a range of groundbreaking new concepts, thoughts and strategies that enrich the Party"s theories.

In the second volume, the articles included are categorized into 17 topics. The use of 29 photos of Xi as well as some annotations make it more reader friendly.

The new volume shows the development and main concepts of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era.

It also highlights the wisdom and solutions offered by the Party for developing a community with a shared future for mankind and for promoting peace and development, according to Xinhua.

Chen Mingming, former Chinese ambassador to Sweden, said the simultaneous publication of Chinese and English language editions of the second volume is a key gesture of China for boosting communication with the outside world and sharing its recipes for success.

Also, the thematic arrangement of the articles is inviting and could better attract readers as it helps them find topics they are interested in, Chen said.

Dong Guanpeng, dean of the Academy of Media and Public Affairs at Communication University of China, said the latest publication "marks the confidence of both the country and the Party as well as their strong sense of duty for boosting global peace and development".

The two volumes of Xi"s book offer a summary of China"s evolving, unique model for a developing economy, and officials in many countries have said they expect to learn from China and use China"s lessons as a reference, Dong said.

The second volume "shows the consistent efforts of China in translating theories into practice, provides a new calling card for China and offers a new introductory manual for foreigners", Dong said.

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